Product Care


To keep MOUCHE bags and leather products looking their best, it is important to protect condition and store them properly. Please take special care with light coloured products as colour transfer may occur with dark wash denim and clothing for which we cannot take responsibility. We recommend storing your bags and leather goods in a cool and dry place, away from heat and light to avoid shape change and discolouring. 



All Mouche jewellery has been lovingly crafted using mixed metals, rhodium plated brass, beads, cubic zirconia stones, crystals, chains and other embellishments. You may notice some inconsistencies in the colour, size and pattern of stones which is our intention. Most of our jewellery components are put together by hand. Please take care when wearing as our pieces are very delicate. If they are dropped or handled roughly, we cannot take any responsibility for loss of stones or breakage. All Mouche jewellery is nickel free, lead free. Please take care with any items such as perfume and moisturizers as some metals can react and may cause tarnishing. Please store your Mouche jewellery individually in a cool and dry place, away from heat when they are not being worn. 



All Mouche miniature and other decorative ornaments are carefully crafted using mixed metals, fabrics, wood pieces, polymer clay, ceramic and other materials. All components are beautifully hand crafted and painted. Please take care as all pieces are very delicate, if they are dropped or handled roughly, we cannot take responsibility for loss of any particular pieces or breakage.